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Ticket West is a West Coast bluesband influenced by artists like T-Bone Walker, William Clarke, Wes Weston and Rod Piazza. West Coast blues is heavily influenced by jazz-bigband and jumpblues music and orginated on the US westcoast. Former Texas blues musicians who relocated to California in the fourties had a major influence on the development of this style of music. The jazz-bigband and jumpblues influences produce a lot of swing, so Ticket West’s music is easy to dance to.

Ticket West is part of a fired international scene that keeps West Coast blues alive. The band is Enzio Rossa (drums), Walter Wilhelm (vocals/bass) and Pascal Wilhelm (vocals/guitar). Ticket West plays as a trio (often with guest musicians) and as a backing band for (West Coast) blues artists like Harp Mitch ( and singer and harp player Gerrit Ekkelenkamp.

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